Catheterisation in Schools

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Where an SNA is appointed to support a child with a physical disability they are required to carry out care needs as stated in DES Circular 0030/2014. This includes assistance with clothing, feeding, toileting, and general hygiene.

NCSE state that care needs arising from toileting, such as catheterisation, are considered to be the role of the SNA and an SNA should be appointed who either has the skills or is willing to learn the skills to implement these toileting needs 

The SNA shall fulfil these toileting needs until such a time as the child is able to catheterise independently.

The school must also provide accessible facilities which enable these toileting needs to take place in an environment which is respectful and safe for the child.

Funding for adaptions can be sourced from the Furniture and Equipment section of the Department of Education and Science, Portlaoise Road, Tullamore, Offaly (057) 932 4300


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