Charity Tax Back Scheme Frequently Asked Questions


How does Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland claim my tax back?

We will send you a CHY3 form to complete after the end of any year in which your donations amount to €250 or more. You complete the CHY3 form – if you are a taxpayer – and return it directly to us, not Revenue. We send the form to Revenue and when they are satisfied that you paid at least that amount in tax, they forward the money onto us.


What value does the Tax Back Scheme add to my donation?

The scheme adds an additional 44.9% to the scheme, e.g. if you donate €250, the amount of tax we can claim back from Revenue is €112.33, making your donation of €250 worth a total of €362.33 to Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland.


What is the amount of tax I must pay for the charity to benefit under the Tax Back Scheme?

The amount of tax you pay needs to at least equal the tax we are going to claim in respect of your donations. For example, for Revenue to give us the full rebate of 44.9% on a donation of €1,000, the tax you paid for that year needs to be at least €449.


Will my personal tax details remain confidential information?

As the information will not be used for anything other than the tax claim, we can confirm that your details will remain confidential to Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland and the Revenue Commissioners. We can assure you that the information you give us which is just your signature and PPS number will not be used for anything other than the tax claim.

We will retain your PPS number securely and only use it for the purposes of claiming the tax back on your donation.


I am not sure where to find my PPS number?

Your PPS number is a seven-digit number with one or two letters at the end. It can be found on your work payslip or on all forms and correspondence from the Revenue Commissioners.


Will the amount of tax I pay be affected by Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland claiming tax back on my donation?

No, it will not affect your tax status in any way and it will not cost you anything in tax.


Am I committed to supporting your charity yearly if I sign the CHY3 form as it is an Enduring Certificate?

No, you are not as the Enduring Certificate does not commit you to donate to Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland. We can only claim the tax back for as long as you wish to continue to be a supporter of our charity. The form is valid for five years unless you choose to cancel it. This helps in reducing our administrative costs allowing us to continue to provide our vital services.


Does every type of donation qualify for tax purposes?

Tax can only be claimed back on donations which come from an individual and where there has been no tangible benefit to the donor. For example, sponsoring someone else to run a marathon, raising sponsorship yourself, or buying raffle tickets does not qualify for the scheme.


Does the Tax Back Scheme apply to me when I am self-employed and self-assessed for tax purposes?

The Revenue Commissioners have been treating self-assessed and PAYE taxpayers the same since 1st January 2003 – all tax relief goes to the charity, not the taxpayer.

As a self-employed person, while you do not get the tax relief yourself, your donations to Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland, at no extra cost to you, can be worth 44.9% more.


Can tax be claimed back on my donations if I am not a taxpayer?

If your spouse is a taxpayer and if you are jointly assessed as a couple, then either party can sign the form using either person’s PPS number.


What is the situation if I am not employed or I am a pensioner?

If you have investments, a pension, or other means on which you pay either capital gains tax or income tax, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland can claim this amount.


Who benefits if I donate to more than one charity?

All charities can claim separately for donations you have given, and you can send the tax form into each charity. So, it does not matter if you have given to charities other than Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland.

We can only reclaim tax on donations you have made to us, provided you donated €250 or more to us in one year.


What if I am an employee or member of Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland?

If you are a member of staff, we can claim tax back on donations up to a limit of 10% of your salary within a year.

If your donations exceed 10% of your income, The Revenue Commissioners do not consider the amount of the donations which exceed that 10% limit as relevant for the purposes of the Tax Back Scheme. Therefore, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland cannot claim the tax back on that excess amount.


What is the difference between the CHY3 and CHY4 forms?

The CHY4 form is like the CHY3 form, however, it only allows us to claim the tax back on donations made within one specific year. A separate CHY4 is required to be completed and returned by us to Revenue for each additional year.

A CHY3 form (Enduring Certificate) allows claims to be made for five years which can be more convenient for you, the donor as there is no need for further paperwork. It is also more effective for us as it helps to keep our administrative costs down.



For any further information, please contact our Fundraising Officer, Cian Dikker on 01 457 23 29 or at

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