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Free Pre-school Year
As part of the April 2009 Budget, a new scheme to provide for a free Pre-school Year in Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) was announced by the Government. The new scheme will be implemented by the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs (OMCYA) and is to all private and voluntary pre-school services which meet the requirements of the scheme.
County and City Childcare Committees
There are 33 County and City Childcare Committees (CCCs) established nationally. 
Childcare Committees can offer you advice on registered childcare facilities in your area.  To locate your local CCC search Childcare Committees in your county. Most Childcare Committees have their own website.
What to look for when visiting a Childcare service
If you are looking for childcare, you probably have a good idea of what you want - a place that is safe, happy, and loving, where children can learn and have fun.
At the same time, childcare must also meet your needs. Childcare should be convenient, affordable, and offer care when you need it. 
Finding childcare that has the quality and convenience you want at a reasonable cost can be a real challenge. It is rare to find the perfect situation, but it is possible to find a very good situation that will meet your needs.
Before registering your child with any childcare service, it is strongly recommended that you visit the service while children are present to evaluate the type and quality of service.
Five Steps to Choosing Good Childcare
  • Step 1 Get Organised
  • Step 2 Conduct a Telephone Interview
  • Step 3 Make a Visit
  • Step 4 Check References
  • Step 5 Make a decision
Click here for further information on Childcare Regulations: click HERE

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