Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland

Membership Process 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Can the membership form/s be completed online?

No. At the moment you can only complete the form by filling in the paper version. The online version will be live later in 2017.

2.    Can I join SBHI, but without me becoming a company member with voting rights?

No. You can only join SBHI as a company member with voting rights. We encourage everyone to join so that:

  • they only have to complete their contact information once in the year, renewing a simple short form annually
  • they can become involved in their local Branch (if there is one in their area)
  • they can vote at the Annual General Meeting and help shape the organisation
  • they can volunteer for SBHI related activities such as information days and fundraising events
  • they can avail of the day-rate for the SBHI Annual Conference

 Note: Anyone is entitled to receive support services from SBHI for spina bifida / hydrocephalus related needs and membership is not required for this.

3.    I’m filling the form in for my child/dependent who is under 18. However, they will turn 18 this year, do they have to fill in another form when they turn 18?

Yes, you will need to submit the Under-18 form now and then they will need to complete the form for Over-18s when they turn 18.

4.    Do children have voting rights?

No, only those aged 18 or over are added to the Company Register, children cannot be added to this register and therefore cannot vote.

However, young people with SB/H are incredibly important to SBHI and we keep their details on a database so that we can update you with the latest news and build a long-term relationship ahead of them becoming adults.

5.    Can I give the completed form to my local Branch or a member of staff at SBHI so that they can return it to the National Resource Centre?

Yes, all SBHI Branches and staff are aware of the process and will ensure that your completed form is returned to the NRC.

6.    Do both parents need to complete the Associate Membership Form?

Yes, if both parents would like to become members of SBHI, then they need to complete a form each with payment enclosed (in addition to the form being filled in for the child as parents/guardians).

7.    I’ve already paid my membership fee to my local Branch for 2017, do I need to pay again with the new form?

Please contact your Branch letting them know that you have already paid and that you are submitting the new membership form and payment. The Branch will then reimburse you with the amount you have paid.

8.    Is Associate membership a lesser form of membership?

No. Those joining as adult members and paying the membership fee become company members and are listed on the register in exactly the same way. Those aged under 18 are recorded on a database so that we have the most up-to-date details of all members, regardless of age.

The additional information which is completed by those who live with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus is invaluable and helps us to better understand our members and develop our service accordingly.

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