Hydrocephalus - Strategies for Living Your Best Life

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Improving Executive Functioning

Executive functions are important for successful adaptation and performance in real-life situations. They allow people to initiate and complete tasks and to persevere in the face of challenges. Because the environment can be unpredictable, executive functions are vital to human ability to recognise the significance of unexpected situations and to make alternative plans quickly when unusual events arise and interfere with normal routines.
Managing Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
Emotional or behavioural difficulties occur most commonly when the frontal and temporal lobes have distorted due to the hydrocephalus. The frontal lobes or connected pathways in the teenage years may lead to irritability, anxiety, over sexualised behaviour, poor social responses, increased risk-taking behaviour, failure to inhibit responses, and poor self-monitoring.
Improve Information Processing
Information Processing is a persons ability to take in information, e.g. instructions or directions. When we deal with information, we do so in steps. One way to think of this is to picture the process of acquiring, retaining, and using information.
Improve Attention Span
Attention span is the amount of time a person can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted. The ability to focus one's attention on a task is crucial for the achievement of one's goals.
Improve Personal Insight
Personal insight is the ability to clearly see and instinctively understand the nature of a person, situation, or subject. It is also the ability to be self-aware by seeing and understanding personal strengths and weaknesses and the ability to find solutions to these weaknesses.

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