Further to the information included in the recent letter or email you will have received about the voting process for the AGM this year, the following is more detail to ensure that the process is clear for all members...

The letter or email you received stated the following...

"Due to the new Constitution being ratified at the AGM, we need to receive nomination forms for both the old and the new Constitution. If you are nominating, therefore, you must complete nomination forms for the current Constitution and the proposed updated Constitution so your nomination will be valid."

This means that if you are nominating someone to the position of Hon. Secretary, you need to complete the form for the current Constitution which states the role of 'Hon. Secretary' AND one of the forms for the new Constitution which simply says 'Director'. If you were nominating to all three roles, then you would need to complete all six forms.

If you have any further queries on this, please email: and we will answer your questions.

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