SBHI welcomes Workplace Relations Commission decision

In respect of a recent legal case, the details of which have been published here:  


SBHI welcomes the decision of the Workplace Relations Commission which found the wearing of facemasks as direct discrimination on grounds of disability pursuant to Section 3(1)(a) and 3(2)(g) of the Equal Status Acts 2000-2015.

The management of the Secondary School applied an ill-conceived and discriminatory policy in relation to the wearing of facemasks and did not consider the full impact of their actions upon the child.

SBHI worked very closely with the family and exhausted all avenues before the family were left with no other recourse except to take the management of the Secondary School to the Workplace Relations Commission.

SBHI met with the school, advised the school that their actions were traumatising the child, the parents wrote to the Board of Management and we, SBHI, wrote to the Board of Management to encourage them to cease wearing facemasks due to the impact on a very vulnerable child in their care to no effect.

When actions, policies, and procedures are put in place that have the potential to affect the most vulnerable of children, consultation with both the child and their family/carers is vital.

We welcome the findings of the Workplace Relations Commission and hope that this does not occur again in the future for any of our members with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus.


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